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How To Start Your Own Karaoke Business With A Karaoke Software Supplier

Professional HDD karaoke machine With 2TB hard driver include 42000 songs 2 wireless microphone(China

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Singing Machine SML283P

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  1. Over: England 52-0 (Strauss 24 Cook 27)
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  3. Florence + The Machine – “Delilah”
  4. Deerhunter – “Living My Life”
  5. Buffalo LinkStation LS220D

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Cigarettes can damage your lungs

E-cigarettes seem to be an interesting alternative to ordinary nicotine and many are eager to use them, despite reports suggesting that they are not as safe for the body as it might seem. However, recent research may discourage some further use of this invention.

The American Thoracic Society has published research that could make many people think well before reaching for an electronic cigarette. Research confirms that some flavors of liquid used in these devices can cause lung damage. During the study, researchers for 30 minutes and 24 hours exposed human lung cells to thirteen different flavors of cigarettes.

It turned out that five of them, depending on the dose applied, were already toxic in the 30 minute test, namely Hot Cinnamon Candies, Banana Pudding and Menthol Tobacco. Meanwhile, exposure of the cells to the 24-hour action of these tastes caused their growth to be inhibited. However, the adverse effect was not related to nicotine and components such as propylene glycol and plant glycerine.