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The authorities of New York approved the Underground Park

Soon the residents of New York will gain another place besides Central Park, where they will be able to go out with their families and spend time among the green vegetation. City authorities have approved the plan to build the first underground park, presented a few years ago.

In large cities the area is very valuable, so every spare piece is built. In the summer, the metropolis becomes an oven where it is difficult to withstand, as there is no vegetation to provide shelter from the burning suns.

The residents of New York do not have this problem, because in the city center is a huge Central Park, where they can rest with whole families, in contact with nature. Soon the city will have yet another park, but it will vary widely because it will be built underground.

A project called the Lowline Project appeared a few years ago, but it has only recently gained the approval of the city authorities who agreed to be built in the lower part of eastern Manhattan. The park is expected to be completed by 2020 and will cost $ 55 million.

The park will be built in one of the closed subway stations and will receive a roof through which the sun is supposed to illuminate its surface. Of course not directly due to its high depth, but by a special periscope system that will transmit light to a space several meters below the ground. And thanks to the insulation provided by the thick layer of soil, during the winter in the park will be a very pleasant temperature.