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Green energy will feed facebook server rooms

In the case of such a large portal as Facebook, server rooms are an important point in the cost of running a business, because they consume enormous amounts of energy. Facebook wants to cut back on spending, and by the way, take care of the environment. The company has announced that by 2018, half of its server room will be powered by renewable energy.

Large portals have to process huge amounts of data, which requires the construction of gigantic server rooms that have to accommodate them. Facebook currently has four of them and has just started investing in the construction of its fifth server house, which will be built in Fort Worth, Texas, joining existing Altoona, Iowa; Prineville, Oregon; Forest City, North Carolina; And Lulea in Sweden.

The US company will invest at least $ 500 million in a 44.5 acre plot of land on which the server room will be built. In order to reduce operating costs, the machines operating in it will not be cooled by air conditioners, but by external air injected by fans.

In addition, it will be powered by its own wind farm, which will deliver approximately 200 MW of electricity, with surplus energy being sold by Texas. The new server room will be operational by the end of next year.

Autonomous anti-ship missile will hit the US Navy

The American army increasingly targets autonomous systems that will not only deal with logistics, providing soldiers with supplies and ammunition, but will also fight the targets themselves. Lockheed Martin, on behalf of the navy, is working on a new autonomous anti-aircraft missile designed for fighters.

The system is called LRASM (Long Range Anti-Ship Missile) and is designed for F / A-18 Super Hornet fighters that will be able to use it in 2019. The technical details of the new armament are not yet known. We only know that its range is about 200 nautical miles, and the missiles will be equipped with autonomous or semi-autonomous guidance systems that will avoid the obstacles that may appear on their way and then ideally hit the target.

So far, the Navy has carried out three tests of new armament, but earlier versions have been tested to combat air and ground targets. The anti-ship variant is now under construction, which should be ready in four years.

16 will train pilots

American air forces have been training pilots for years with the remotely controlled F-4 Phantom. Soon, however, they will upgrade those old-fashioned machines that remember the times of the Vietnam War and replace them with the F-16 Fighting Falcon fighters.

While today’s technology allows you to train pilots in a virtual environment, there’s no substitute for real-world training. So the American army has used the modified F-4 Phantom machines for decades, which have remote control and training functions.

However, fighters still remembered in Vietnam are too old to face modern machines, so the air forces are going to send them back to the museum and replace some of the more modern F-16 Fighting Falcon.

Boeing a few days ago delivered the first 126 of the QF-16 drones to Tyndall, while in early October another five machines will be used in parallel with the MiG-29 Fulcrum and the Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker.

Facebook Messenger will stop working on some smartphones

Facebook has announced the resignation of support for older versions of its mobile Facebook and Messenger applications. The change will affect older Android and iOS users, but also all Windows Phone users.

In the message posted on the official blog of the most popular social networking site, its administrators explain the decision to constantly develop software, incompatible with the use of older versions of it.

Therefore, since April 1, older software versions will simply stop working.

Developers are encouraging to update, and owners of older devices to download lighter, truncated features of Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite.

However, the problem will be users of older devices that have not been prepared for current versions of the application. They will continue to use the browser version of the site, which on the small screen of the phone can be extremely burdensome.

End of support concerns:

– Facebook for Android v55, published November 16, 2015 (and earlier)

– Messenger v10, published August 14, 2014 (and earlier)


– Facebook for iPad v26, published October 10, 2011 (and earlier)

– Messenger v8, published July 14, 2014 (and earlier)

– Facebook for iOS, published October 10, 2011 (and earlier).

Windows Phone

– Facebook for Windows 8 and 8.1.

You will fly as a pilot in a space trip

Virgin Galactic has sold a lot of space travel tickets, but some of its buyers may return it now because XCOR Aerospace has offered a much more interesting offer.

American XCOR Aerospace is another player in the space tourism market. A California-based company comes out with a very interesting orbital travel offer that it intends to carry on board a two-seater vehicle called the Lynx.

Firstly, tickets for such a journey lasting 30 to 50 minutes cost only $ 95,000, much less than for Virgin Galactic. Much more interesting in this offer is that the traveler, he will be able to personally take over and steer the vehicle in space.

Lynx is a much smaller vehicle than SpaceShipTwo, because instead of six people, only two pilots and a passenger take on board. The machine will rise to about 60 kilometers (another Lynx model will reach 100 km), where the passenger will be able to take over the steering and for a moment to control the unit itself, which is not counted in Virgin Galactic.

Cortana will go to BMW cars

BMW has for many years been offering its modern car owners the technology that improves the functionality of these vehicles. In recent times, the Bavarian brand has installed a gesture control system that handles hand movements, adjusts the music volume, or adjusts the airflow temperature.

Soon, vehicles with blue-and-white chess on the mask will become even more useful, as the manufacturer has announced that they will be equipped with a digital assistant Cortana. Microsft technology will be used on the BMW Connected platform, offering drivers access to a range of services available both inside and outside the car.

Thanks to Cortan, users will have an intelligent voice control system, as well as a number of additional driving features. In addition, the assistant will offer, reminders of scheduled appointments, book reservations for the restaurant, and do some other activities without having to tear the hands off the steering wheel.

Autonomous trucks will go to British roads

The technology currently being developed for autonomous cars is not limited to passenger cars. The transport industry would benefit the most, so parallel lorries are being designed to take off on British roads this year.

If you live in the UK and in a few months you will see a truck on the road where the driver reads the newspaper, plays on your smartphone, instead of focusing your attention on the road, it will not mean that you are dealing with a madman. This may be one of the auto- matic trucks, which will be tested in the UK in a few months.

Chancellor George Osborne, in his interview with The Times, has announced the funding of a project to test the functionality of autonomous vehicles. Tests are to be conducted on the M6 ​​road near Carlisle, one of the less frequented main routes. During this time, the trucks will move in convoys consisting of 10 self-guiding machines, with the driver being only in the first, while the remaining ones acting autonomously will follow.