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You will fly as a pilot in a space trip

Virgin Galactic has sold a lot of space travel tickets, but some of its buyers may return it now because XCOR Aerospace has offered a much more interesting offer.

American XCOR Aerospace is another player in the space tourism market. A California-based company comes out with a very interesting orbital travel offer that it intends to carry on board a two-seater vehicle called the Lynx.

Firstly, tickets for such a journey lasting 30 to 50 minutes cost only $ 95,000, much less than for Virgin Galactic. Much more interesting in this offer is that the traveler, he will be able to personally take over and steer the vehicle in space.

Lynx is a much smaller vehicle than SpaceShipTwo, because instead of six people, only two pilots and a passenger take on board. The machine will rise to about 60 kilometers (another Lynx model will reach 100 km), where the passenger will be able to take over the steering and for a moment to control the unit itself, which is not counted in Virgin Galactic.