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More than 200,000 fans are against the Apple idea

Apple fans can not wait to release the latest iPhone. Unfortunately, the device may not fully meet their expectations, as the manufacturer plans to deprive it of a headphone jack. Many people like this concept do not like it so much, so a petition was organized on this issue, which was signed by more than 200,000 people.

While the iPhone 7 has not yet officially announced, but with continuous leaks appearing on the network, a picture of the device is emerging. However, not everyone is satisfied with the planned changes, and most of the objection is raised by the idea of ​​depriving this device of a standard headphone connector.

Apple would like to give up on it by replacing the Lightning connector, which for many would mean the need to throw out previously used headphones and purchase a new wireless model. Under obvious circumstances, fans of the American brand are opposed to such a change, so they set up on the internet-headphone-jack / petition and collect signatures beneath it. For now, they have just over 227,000, which clearly shows that deactivating the iPhone 7’s headphone input is not what Cupertino customers expect.