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Amazon is independent of external couriers

Amazon intends to take care of its own supply of products, reducing dependence on forwarding companies. To this end, it will invest $ 1.5 billion in a new center that will distribute the goods delivered by air.

Over the years Amazon has relied on external shipping companies to deliver items shipped to their online store. For some time, the company has sought to become independent of courier companies by developing its own forwarding network. This strategy has several advantages, as Amazon will have more control over the method and time of delivery and, second, it will not have to pay for it.

The plan to develop its own freight forwarding system is very ambitious and part of it is the construction of the first transhipment port to be built at Northern Kentucky Airport. Outlining $ 1.5bn, on an area of ​​18.6 hectares, a whole logistics center will be built to distribute the shipments.

Initially, there will be 2,000 jobs, but Amazon plans to increase employment in the future. The new center will allow the US corporation not only to deliver its own shipments, but also to provide courier services to other stores. In other words, Amazon w wants to take over the shipping market, which is dominated by companies like UPS.