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Autonomous trucks will go to British roads

The technology currently being developed for autonomous cars is not limited to passenger cars. The transport industry would benefit the most, so parallel lorries are being designed to take off on British roads this year.

If you live in the UK and in a few months you will see a truck on the road where the driver reads the newspaper, plays on your smartphone, instead of focusing your attention on the road, it will not mean that you are dealing with a madman. This may be one of the auto- matic trucks, which will be tested in the UK in a few months.

Chancellor George Osborne, in his interview with The Times, has announced the funding of a project to test the functionality of autonomous vehicles. Tests are to be conducted on the M6 ​​road near Carlisle, one of the less frequented main routes. During this time, the trucks will move in convoys consisting of 10 self-guiding machines, with the driver being only in the first, while the remaining ones acting autonomously will follow.