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Corsair ax1500i certified with 80 Plus Titanium

By folding the computer, we do not attach too much weight to the power supply, but meanwhile it is the most important component of the set, taking care of the correct operation of all its components. Therefore, if you are building a really strong configuration, you should buy something from the top shelf, like the new Corsair – AX1500i.

This is Corsair’s flagship power supply for the best-equipped PCs, ideal for configurations with several powerful graphics cards and a powerful processor.

The product, which debuted in January at CES, offers 1500 watts and 80 Plus Titanium certification, giving us the confidence that the power supply truly delivers the power that’s shown on the rating plate. Tests showed that the power supply performance at 10 percent load was 91.23 percent, at 20 percent – 92.63 percent, and at 100 percent as much as 91.34 percent. The tests were done on the 115V AC line, but with 230 volts the results should be similar.